Northwest NRL200 Self-Levelling Rotary Laser

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Northwest NRL200 Self Leveling Laser Plus NLD2K Detector Package

Northwest NRL200 Self Leveling Laser Plus NLD2K Detector Package
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If you are looking for a portable, battery operated, fast, simple and quick self levelling laser level to use indoors or outside in ay weather, you need to look no further than that Northwest NRL200. This top selling rotary laser features automatic horizontal levelling with manual vertical levelling too. Northwest are manufacturers and makers of top quality engineering and construction equipment and the items come with a full 12 month warranty.

It comes equipped with an audio warning for a lock on and out of levelling ranges as well as a handy dual beam for creating the perfect squaring on the level and plummet lines. If the device is used indoors, the NRL200 can produce a wide and narrow sweep which is great for chalk line generating. The NRL200 offers a range of up to 500 feet, even without using a detector device. If you want to purchase the separate NLD5G detector, the Northwest NRL200 can work at ranges of up to 800 feet. The device is also equipped with a bump meter which will alert you to any changes and save you from major problems.

Make sure you look for the NEXPK200G pack which includes many other items such as the NLD5G detector, the NAT83 tripod and an aluminium grade rod.


  • Red Visible Beam 635nm, Class II, IIIa laser, 350' radius with detector operating radius
  • Self Leveling Range - +/- 4 degrees, Leveling Accuracy - 1/8" @ 100', Leveling Method - Compensator
  • Leveling Time - 5 seconds, If-Level Indicator - Auto Beep, Rotation Speeds - 10-500 rpm approx.
  • Power Supply - 4 x C cell alkaline batteries (included), Tripod Thread - 5/8" x 11"
  • Carry Case - High Impact Plastic, Weight - 22.7 lb.
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